The Art of Japanese Bondage

Shibari (Japanese rope bondage), one of the most beautiful and erotic of SM techniques, it's secrets have been locked in the mysterious orient for hundreds of years. Now, with the publication of "Shibari, the Art of Japanese bondage" this ancient practice is revealed to the Western reader in a profusely illustrated, limited edition, photo art book with text in both English and German.

Written by Master "K," one of the most noted and gifted of Western Shibari practitioners, this book combines history, technique, and a full glossary of terms as well as an extensive bibliography with sumptuous color photographs to explore this subtle but very erotic art.

Shibari (literally the term means "bondage") is the Japanese style of sexual restraint and BDSM. It's recorded history runs from the 13th century of feudal Japan and the samurai to its present popularity in the high octane world of Tokyo nightlife. However, unlike much of Western SM practices the focus here is on beauty and loving pleasure.

As Master "K" notes: "For the approximate 10% to 15% of the worlds population that has some interest in consensual SM play, Shibari is one of the most elegant and dramatic forms. This is because Shibari differs from Western bondage in that, instead of just being immobilized, the bound subject gains pleasure from the intricate and skilled positioning of the ropes. Done properly and always with safety in mind, Shibari can be a profound, joyful and loving experience for those interested and I'm proudest of the fact that my photographs express these qualities as much as they show the beautiful, intricate and ancient art of Shibari."

Master K is one of the worlds leading Shibari masters and has been published in several specialized magazines, like Secret, SchlagZeilen and is a prominent member of the world Shibari Network.

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