RopeMarks will ask personal data (e-mail addresses, etc...) when you join R.A.R.E. (our online bondage workshop), wish to participate in one of our real life workshop and when you subscribe to our Yahoo! Group.

When you join R.A.R.E. billing and credit card information is taken over a secure connection and is used only for payment and validation purposes with our billing service. After the transaction takes place, your billing and credit information is discarded and not stored anywhere on this site.

When you like to participate in one of our real life workshops all information we need ends up on one of our own personal computer. This information will be used solely to contact you in regards to our real life workshops. We will never give out, sell or otherwise distribute any information you have sent to us.

When you subscribe to our Yahoo! Group all information you provide is subject to the Yahoo! privacy policy


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