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Level 2 - Bending and Groundworks

The requirement for participation in this workshop level is that you have studied, practiced and used ALL of the bondage's of level 1 in your BDSM play.

The most important bondage that you should have fully mastered is the ushiro takatekote shibari. If you are not 200% sure you can apply the takatekote correct and safe do not continue with level 2 until you can. We continue the online workshop under the assumption you can safely and masterfully perform ALL bondage's of our level 1 workshop, especially the ushiro takatekote shibari.

Please note, as in level 1, the bondage's shown in level 2 are just one variation of many. These bondage's serve as a steppingstone to further exploration from the side of the deshi (student). Do not see these bondage's as an absolute.

In this workshop we will tell/teach you:

  1. Ushiro tasuki shibari,
    The ushiro tasuki shibari is a hojojitsu inspired bondage. In this pattern the hands are tied in a "W" position on the back and an "X" shape is created between the breast.
  2. Gyaku ebi,
    A reverse ebi shibari, very similar to the western hog-tie
  3. Agura shibari,
    generalized term for any tie where the sub sits in a crossed legged (Indian style) position. although somewhat similar in appearance, this tie should not be confused with the far more restrictive ebi shibari
  4. Ebi shibari,
    the "shrimp" or "prawn" tie. one of the oldest traditional kinbaku ties. it was used as a torture technique (ebizeme) for 100's of years and is referenced in many manuals and art works
  5. "each limb bound to itself"
    this particular bondage is a fairly unknown traditional hojojutsu position.

Below you can see sample's of bondages that level 2 will explain in detail.

ushiro tasuki shibari agura shibari ebi shibari
gyaku ebi each limb bound to itself


I've seen enough, just let me join.

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your photo-courses are so excellent that I have easily mastered them with the exception of the last one (because my sub isn't flexible enough!). The photography is improving all the time. I particularly like the way you show every part of each move so carefully. Of the three good sites ([xxx], [xxx] and yours) there is no doubt that you are in the lead.

R Quartano

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