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Level 1 - The Basics and More

A bondage in general is easier to do than it is to describe. To do bondage properly the rope has to become part of you, a natural extension of you arms and hands. You should not have to think about doing bondage it should flow naturally.

The bondages we teach you are just one variation of many. These bondages serve as a steppingstone for further exploration from the side of the deshi (student). Do not see these bondages as an absolute.

In this level we will tell/teach you:

  1. ryo tekubi shibari,
    a double limb bondage, wrist/wrist, ankle/ankle; also usable for wrist/ankle and any limb to a a static object, i.e. bed post
  2. mune nawa,
    breast bondage (Japanese style)
  3. kotobu ryo tekubi shibari,
    hands behind the neck bondage
  4. matanawa,
    generalized term for any pubic area tie or "crotch rope"
  5. ushiro takatekote shibari,
    The basic box arm tie, the building block of most shibari ties. There are many variations of this from the simple to the complex.

Below are sample's of the bondages that level 1 will explain in detail.

ryo tekubi shibari (photo and video tutorial)
mune nawa matanawa ushiro takatekote shibari
(photo and video tutorial)


I've seen enough, just let me join.

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your photo-courses are so excellent that I have easily mastered them with the exception of the last one (because my sub isn't flexible enough!). The photography is improving all the time. I particularly like the way you show every part of each move so carefully. Of the three good sites ([xxx], [xxx] and yours) there is no doubt that you are in the lead.

R Quartano

If you see any RopeMarks-material on other websites, please . Thank You!