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It's an exciting foreplay, looks erotic and exciting on photos, it's generally experienced as the best BDSM play, deepens the trust and respect you have towards your partner and is simply fun to do; rope bondage. We think it's save to say that information about rope bondage is the most sought after in the BDSM community world wide. Under the name R.A.R.E. ("RopeMarks Artistic Rope Exchange") we've bundled our knowledge and information and keep on expanding with new information.

Why RopeMarks?

We often get the questions about bondage, technical questions, emotional questions. Instead of answering the same question over and over again we've bundled our knowledge into this website, R.A.R.E. (RopeMarks Artistic Rope Exchange), where we will provide you with information and teach you the Japanese style of doing bondage, shibari.

We have the experience, the true love for the subject matter, a traditional approach and worldwide contacts (including Japanese).

What do we offer?

We offer a one of a kind collection of everything that has to do with shibari.

We provide safe and sane traditional shibari tutorials, teach you the traditional names, show you safety issues and safety pitfalls. On top of that we provide you with extensive resources for further study. Make no mistake, shibari requires study.

Our tutorials are brought to you in different levels of expertise from the necessary basics to the advanced extremities that shibari has to offer:

Just Remember

A workshop will not make anybody a bondage master but it will give you additional knowledge and get you another step forward in your rope bondage skill development.


I've seen enough, just let me join.

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your photo-courses are so excellent that I have easily mastered them with the exception of the last one (because my sub isn't flexible enough!). The photography is improving all the time. I particularly like the way you show every part of each move so carefully. Of the three good sites ([xxx], [xxx] and yours) there is no doubt that you are in the lead.

R Quartano

If you see any RopeMarks-material on other websites, please . Thank You!