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Decorative, but functional, bondages

In this workshop we will teach you decorative but functional bondage's. We will teach you bondage's that will invoke ooh's and aah's from your m-jo (the female captured in rope) or onlookers. We will also teach you how to make your bondage's more stylish and more esthetically pleasing to look at. Some bondage's might even be worn as a fashion statement when you visit Fetish/BDSM related venues.

The bondages shown here are just one variation of many. These bondages serve as a steppingstone for further exploration from the side of the deshi (student). Do not see these bondages as an absolute.

In this workshop we will tell/teach you:

  1. karada,
    body; a generalized term for any of a variety of body harnesses / rope dress
  2. hon kikkou,
    tortoise shell; this tie creates a hexagonal shape

Below are some sample's of bondages that the decorative bondage workshop will explain in detail.

karada hon kikkou


I've seen enough, just let me join.

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your photo-courses are so excellent that I have easily mastered them with the exception of the last one (because my sub isn't flexible enough!). The photography is improving all the time. I particularly like the way you show every part of each move so carefully. Of the three good sites ([xxx], [xxx] and yours) there is no doubt that you are in the lead.

R Quartano

If you see any RopeMarks-material on other websites, please . Thank You!