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Inside we have an ever growing collection of articles from notable authors. Some authors are best known for certain areas of expertise (i.e. safety and health) and some are best know for their historical shibari knowledge. Whatever an author is known for, he/she has reached a certain level of fame in the worldwide shibari/bondage scene.

Some notable authors you can find inside are

  • Netherlands Bob from
  • Japan Osada Steve
  • Japan Masami Akita
  • United Kingdom Trevor Brown
  • USA Jay Wiseman


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your photo-courses are so excellent that I have easily mastered them with the exception of the last one (because my sub isn't flexible enough!). The photography is improving all the time. I particularly like the way you show every part of each move so carefully. Of the three good sites ([xxx], [xxx] and yours) there is no doubt that you are in the lead.

R Quartano

If you see any RopeMarks-material on other websites, please . Thank You!