Welcome to "RopeMarks Artistic Rope Exchange" or "R.A.R.E." for short.

We often get questions about bondage, technical questions "how do you do this?", "how do you do that?" or "where did -you- learn to do it?". Instead of answering the same question over and over again we've started organizing workshops where we will give you information about how we do bondage, shibari style.

We think there is no substitute for real life teaching where you have interaction between teacher and student. Since our workshops are mainly held in Europe with focus on The Netherlands not everyone is capable of joining. To accommodate those unlucky people :) R.A.R.E. has come to live. R.A.R.E. gives you the opportunity to follow an online workshop, the RopeMarks way.

When you are interested in Japanese bondage you will certainly have searched the web for whatever information you were able to find. When you did your job thoroughly you found quite some information, some of it might even have been good information, but most was probably copied information from other sites, when you found one of the better sites they might even have given the copied information their own "touch". The point here is that there is little to no good information about, specifically, Japanese bondage.

The good information you find about Japanese bondage is usually basic/beginners information. There is no problem in that, everybody has to start somewhere and to become a good sensei you mainly need your own drive and creativity after you've learned a steady basis... let me say that again, to become a good sensei you mainly need your own drive and creativity after you've learned a steady basis. The problem I encountered was that the basic information presented was -to- basic, to learn bondage, shibari style. You need a little more than the common basic bondage's you find on the web.

R.A.R.E. will focus on the techniques and reasons of the common denominator in the multitude of bondage's you find when you view shibari style bondage images and/or video's. We will pick a common denominator, name it and explain it, mentally, physically and technically. This way the information is of interest for the Sensei but also for the m-jo. Safety issues will be addressed where needed without cluttering descriptions of techniques, a separate section will explain the safety issues.

From all collected information R.A.R.E. will present you with the RopeMarks view on, shibari style, bondage.

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